One big change I’m making for 2021 (and the rest of my life)

We can all agree 2020 has been a shocker of a year and quite frankly I’m tired of feeling like a passenger in my own life. Granted there’s not much I can do to cure Covid-19, and Cancer still exists, but there is one thing we all can do to make this place a little more bearable for the future (kudos to Joe Biden for being the only good thing to happen to 2020 so far).

If you’ve read any of my posts before, you’ll know I’m a bonafide nature lover and would spend all my time outside living on a farm in my dungarees with hundreds of horses if I could. Lately, though, I realised appreciating nature is pretty pointless if I’m not going to do anything to sustain it. Pretty Instagram posts aren’t going to cut it anymore. It’s time for a change. No nature = no planet = no us.

David Attenborough’s ‘Our Life On Our Planet’ was the wake-up call I needed. I finally understood change really does start on a personal level. It’s no use blaming huge corporations if my consumerism still requires their services. Thankfully, making these changes has been the easiest and the most rewarding thing EVER. So, what have I done, and what can you do?

– I’ve bought reusable makeup pads, shampoo bars, wax wraps to replace cling film and LOADS more from here (15% off with code SHETTY2020 – if you know, you know).

– We purchased a compost bin from my local council which means the stuff we’re throwing into landfill has reduced massively.

– I keep a plastic bag or two in my handbag for shopping.

– We buy meat from the local butcher, fruit and veg from a market stall, and only purchase what I can’t get elsewhere from the supermarket.

– I’m buying planet-friendly Christmas presents for friends and family.

– I’ve started litter picking – I take a bag and some gloves out with me and come home feeling like a champion.

What have I gained? Our food tastes AMAZING; we’re not emptying our bins as much; our garden will look beautiful next year thanks to the additional compost; and our bank account is fuller too.

Make your 2021 so much brighter by choosing even one thing that will help the planet (and your conscience) feel a whole lot better.

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